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10 Hours of Adventure - Now out on Audible!

One part urban fantasy, one part Greek mythology, mixed with the progression and stats of a LitRPG.Oceanus, the Great River Titan, wasn't exactly a fan of humanity.His people, the Titans, waged war against the gods of Olympus a millennia ago over such things.

Yet, Oceanus chose not to involve himself. Following the loss of the war, all of Titans were disbanded and sentenced by Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades to live out eternity in the Underworld itself.All but Oceanus.Sentenced to walk the world of mortals until the head of days, Oceanus has lived a normal life a hundred times over, exploring the world and learning about those he had never truly cared for. However, an unknown force from the past returns to lead a war against Olympus once more, and to score personal revenge on Oceanus himself. With the help of unlikely allies, Oceanus works to uncover who or what is seeking his destruction.

Hunting Oceanus is the debut novel of author Acre Holland. It combines elements of modern urban fantasy, Greek mythological fantasy, and LitRPG. Warning:- This novel contains violence and adult language.- This novel does not contain harem or sexually explicit scenes.- Lite crunch.

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