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"As a director, working with an actor who has Miles' type of intuition allows me to focus more on other aspects of the production. Basically, he delivers."

William Sonbuchner, Youtube Personality, Director, Giant Media


"Miles has a great grasp on character development and the actor’s process.  Not only this, but he is a great guy and super easy to work with – even in the toughest of circumstances. After over twenty years in the film industry, I can confidently and without hesitation give my reference to his character and his acting abilities."

David No, Chief Executive Officer, Furious Films

"Miles was for us, and is to this day, a hardworking, dedicated, spirited and fearless actor. I would be honored to have him on any project of mine in the future."  

David Noble, Director, Stormfront Entertainment

"He has an incredible range and a capacity to embody any character he is given. He is inquisitive and always searches for the truth in his performances, something all actors should aspire to be." 

Edward Burgos, Founder, Enanoski Productions​​

"It has always been an invigorating experience to collaborate with such

a naturally-skilled and equally professional actor like Miles. I always look forward to working with him."

Nick Neon, Filmmaker

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