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The visual imagery from the story and Meili's superb narration made me feel I was watching a film.
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About Me



Canadian actor Miles Meili was a storyteller long before appearing on the hit series Trailer Park Boys, web drama The Handmaid’s Tale, or becoming the voice of Jonathan Brooks’ cult-beloved Dungeon World books.  A long-standing expat of numerous countries, he credits his global lifestyle with richly contributing to the qualities of intimacy, sincerity and immediacy enjoyed by listeners of both his audiobooks and real-life adventures.


Born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Miles studied on-camera performance under television and theater actor John Dunsworth of Trailer Park Boys fame, later appearing on the program as Jason Hendricks. Guided by Dunsworth, Miles spent his early years performing in local Canadian TV. In 2004, his love of travel inspired a move to South Korea, where he would spend the following 10 years exploring his craft from an eastern perspective.


Asia’s demand for ESL and globally distributed media enabled Miles to leverage his aptitude for languages. He developed a broad palette to draw from in terms of accents and pronunciations; a skillset he continuously works to expand. Within Seoul’s voice acting market, Miles was a mainstay in commercial narration, games and animation work. Known for his professionalism, versatility, and warm delivery, he voiced thousands of scripts on behalf of local and international clientele.


In conjunction with his studio work, Miles served as a community leader in Seoul’s niche theater scene and transitioned to behind-the-scenes work as a screenplay and audio producer. Being equally at home in front of the camera, mic, and on stage, he eagerly sought out creative opportunities both in Seoul and neighboring countries. Along with his Korean TV ventures, Miles appeared in Larry Smith's Trafficker, shot in Thailand, as well as performing in the Chinese indie comedy Chinese Confusion. His final theatrical role in Seoul was that of Marcus Andronicus in Seoul Shakespeare Company's Titus Andronicus.


In 2015, Miles returned to Canada and settled in Toronto. As of 2020, he has produced upward of 60 audiobooks with ACX and major publishing houses including Penguin Random House, Deyan, ECW Press, Bee Audio, and Findaway. He recently made his debut as both a writer and executive producer of the short film 365 Months, starring his infant daughter Piper Button.


In addition to his native English, Miles speaks French, Spanish, some Korean, and has “survival proficiency” in the languages of countries he’s been privileged to visit.

Miles lives with his wife and 2 daughters in Stouffville in the Greater Toronto Area. When he isn’t engaged in storytelling, he enjoys playing guitar and baking sourdough bread.




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